Lex Consulting LLC

 Lex Consulting provides strategy and optimization consulting to maximize our client’s organizational growth and development.


  • Business management Consulting

    We tailor our solutions in response to our clients' many multi-faceted organizational challenge. Lex Consulting has a diversity of competencies representing all aspects of organizational management, transformation, and support. Our professionals maintain an in-depth, current understanding of their areas of expertise and are practiced at combining those skills to form specialized support teams that can tailor their skills to address even the most complex challenges our clients face.
  • Financial Consulting

    Companies face complex business issues with imperfect information regarding financial and cost implications. Effective financial and cost management integrates resource allocations, process integration, monitoring and controls, and reporting. Lex consulting builds practical, timely, best-value solutions to solve an organization’s financial and cost management challenges.
  • Digital Marketing
    Businesses (startups), not-for-profit and government entities use digital media to connect with audiences and build brands. But you need to be careful. You need a comprehensive plan. Creating a Facebook page, uploading a video to Youtube, and composing a Tweet are not items to check off a list. They mean nothing unless they possess a specific purpose. Lex Consulting helps small to medium-sized organizations implement effective marketing campaigns by selecting the best strategies that maximize the power of social networks, digital communications and online experiences. We work with clients to effectively leverage websites/microsites, videos, blogs, social media to unleash the full power of the Digital Age.
  • Investor Relation

    Lex consulting provides connection between global institutional investors to companies in Emerging Markets. we provide investors company-specific information directly from Investor Relations teams and helps them schedule meetings and calls with management. we provide insight for better engagement.  

  • Education Consulting  

    Providing advice to higher education institutions and agencies worldwide, to help develop policies and planning tools that foster quality learning, research and an enhanced student life experience.  

  • IT/Cloud Consulting

    Provide customized strategy, planning, design, implementation, and optimization services based on targeted private and hybrid cloud offerings to support client IT infrastructure, Web and Mobile App development for  IAAS and PAAS.  

Our history

 Whether you require a corporate history, archives and collections management assistance, or historical research for a legal issue, you know the value of history. Our specialty is helping clients use the past to enrich the present.We are professionals who combine rigorous training with an entrepreneur’s understanding of business priorities. We invest personally in your projects and carry them through on time and on budget. For more than four years, we’ve used innovative strategies and the latest technologies to help our clients explore and preserve the past. 

Our mission and vision

 Our main goal is to guide organizations through the procedure of key change. We bolster vital and strategic corporate reactions to the difficulties and openings postured by globalization, innovation and rivalry. Our part is to go about as a put stock in counsel, giving goal and results-arranged investigation, arrangements and execution. 

  Lex Consulting transforms tough situations into esteemed success. We view critical issues as opportunities to make bold leaps forward. Our dedication to creating and implementing lasting improvements is propelled by deep commitment to our customers and their mission. 

 Our teams work side-by-side with our clients to impact positive and lasting change. We believe a critical success factor in delivering meaningful results hinges upon understanding our client’s unique strengths, weaknesses, environment, challenges, and culture. Our holistic approach to problem solving includes:

  • Accountability driven project planning that clearly defines desired scope, outcomes, and customer involvement
  •  Thorough analysis that penetrates complicated situations to reveal true root causes
  •  Structured evaluation and assessment methodologies that drive actionable short and long term recommendations
  • Development of detailed implementation plans and schedules including critical milestone requirements
  • Hands-on implementation support and ongoing continuous process improvement

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